What Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Says About You

Each person who drinks, whether it’s every weekend or every now and then, has one cocktail or mixed drink that they prefer more than any other. Whether you enjoy a rum and coke or something a little fruitier such as sangria, the bartender knows what to serve up when you ask for “the usual.”

Your drink of choice is not only satisfying after a stressful week, but it also speaks volumes about your personality. Here is what your favorite drink actually says about you.

Vodka Drinkers Are Health Nuts

Vodka soda drinkers can be put into two categories, those who enjoy good vodka and those who have heard that the drink only has 96 calories, it is gluten-free, has no sugar and many other benefits that most alcoholic beverages don’t have.

If you are one of the latter vodka drinkers, then you probably work out at least three times a day and have a gym membership. You may also choose healthier foods to eat such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains instead of going for junk food or greasy takeout. Your approach to a fun night out with friends is to enjoy your night without having to feel bad about going against your diet routine.

Craft Beer Drinkers Obsess Over Little Details

People used to drink; beer as a way to fit in with the cool crowd, and that is still the case today. Now there is a subclass of beer drinkers who are viewed as the new wine snobs, and those are the craft beer drinkers. If you enjoy the uniqueness of craft beer, you probably appreciate a strong beard and own a nice leather weekender bag. You live in your favorite pair of boots and care about the overall fit and color of your jeans.

Wine Drinkers are Social Butterflies

Whether they want to admit it or not, wine drinkers tend to live for gossop. Wine drinkers are more likely to spill a few secrets of their own, or of others. Once these individuals have a glass of red wine in their hand, the level of audacity goes through the roof. And there is no questions that is too personal to ask or a line that is too risqué to cross.

Mysterious People are Gin Drinkers

Your classic gin martini drinker is a born traditionalist. They don’t typically like it when people order dirty martinis, except that the people who do are usually a lot of fun at parties. Most gin drinkers know how to hold their liquor. Their approach to drinking is very refined. Classic gin martini drinkers are mysterious, intellectual, and have a way of capturing your attention.

Vodka Cranberry Drinkers are the Life of the Party

When it comes to having a good time, you can count on your fellow vodka cranberry drinking friend to deliver each and every time. This person is constantly buying rounds of shots for all by the end of the night. Ordering this drink is less about enjoying the flavor and more so about being able to watch your progress. And most vodka cranberry drinkers just like to be able to see how much they have left in the glass.

Champagne Lovers Have Excellent Taste

For most people, champagne is a celebratory drink that is only enjoyed at weddings or special holiday parties. But for the champagne lover, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is for you to enjoy your favorite drink. Your life is completely ravishing and admired by others. You believe that life is grand and every day should be treated as such. You have excellent and expensive tastes. And you always give people very definitive answers, but express your opinions in an eloquent manner.

Margarita Drinkers Have Plenty of Self-Confidence

Those who love to take a trip down to Margaritaville typically aren’t afraid of being themselves. There are two sects of margarita drinkers, those who like them frozen and those who like them on the rocks with lime. If you typically go for a frozen drink, you love to dance and you’re not ashamed of the fact that you also love tacky party decorations. If you like your margarita on the rocks, you can hang out with the best of them. You’ll strike up a conversation with anyone, and you love leaving your group to go meet new friends.

Single Malt Beverage Drinkers are More Mature

A single malt drinker knows exactly how their whiskey should be served. They have an intelligent understanding of alcohol, but they never feel the need to brag about it, unlike wine lovers. Single malt drinkers are usually quite mature, in that they prefer sipping and savoring their drinks.